How We Work

How we work

The primary service of B2Bwritings is to provide writing solutions to businesses that are about to launch into the market. ​Our team of rigorously trained business analysts​ utilises its skills to provide your new business with the content support that it needs. While one of our sister companies, IEBS Limited, provides IT and digital support to kickstart a business, B2Bwritings is known for fulfilling the content needs of such businesses.

The team at B2Bwritings works hand in hand with the IEBS team and makes sure that our clients visualise their digital presence in no later than 48 hours. The write-ups produced by the team at B2Bwritings are backed by hands-on market research and the analytical approach of our writers. The key features of our work include

  • ​Adherence to clients’ requirements
  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Uniqueness and Originality
  • Authenticity of content
  • On-time delivery

The core aim of B2Bwritings is to make a new venture easy for the owner. We acknowledge the hassle that a new business has to go through during the launching and settling phase. The company thus takes pride in facilitating new businesses through its meticulous business writing service. From the customer and competitor research you need to enter into the market to crafting catchy social media campaigns for your newly launched business, our business covers it all.

What we promise in our service includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Reducing Fixed Employees’ Cost

​If you own a running business, you feel the need to hire various teams to suffice multiple needs of your business. For instance, you might need an IT team to handle technical matters, a content management personnel to win target customers through a catchy content, or some social media marketing professionals to help you surf through the competitive grind.

What’s more appealing than handing over such non-operating activities to a third-party and focus solely on your business operations? You can, hence, hire our full-time virtual teams that will help you with your digital presence, web content, business write-ups, and online consultations. So rely on us and give yourself the opportunity to reduce fixed costs that your business would incur if you hire separate teams for all these functions.

  • Working As Your Full-Time Team

When working with us, you won’t have to worry about the availability of writing and IT teams. And there would be absolutely no need for close supervision of employees. Our experts will have your every write-up delivered on time with a guarantee of rich quality and error-free work in the format of your choice. We are truly the one-stop solution for the writing needs of your business.

We offer virtual assistance teams to businesses and companies of all sizes, but our forte is new start-ups and small-scale businesses to which we provide the writing support they need to strengthen their presence in the market.

  • Availability as per the client’s timings

Diligence and hard work are what differentiate our writers from others. Having a team of well-equipped and dedicated professionals, we make sure to provide full-time availability, exactly in accordance with the demands of our clients. Instead of sticking with the official timings, we make ourselves available for a 12-hour time span (6 am to 6 pm) as per the UK standard time. This availability helps us ensure timely fulfilment of clients’ requirements.

  • 24/7 Visual Assistance

Alongside 12 working hours of our teams, the virtual teams of B2Bwritings are up around the clock for taking customers’ orders and queries. The company makes sure that every short-term and/or long-term task or query of customers is addressed without any delay.

We take pride in claiming clients’ satisfaction and happiness to be amongst our top priorities. To ensure optimal quality of the write-ups, we have a dedicated pool of professionals for proofreading and reviewing the content so that its perfection is ensured in an uncompromising manner.

So, reach out to us today and let us provide meticulous writing support to your business!

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